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Gaze at the stars this August

The Ministry of Agriculture is promoting programs at national parks this August for watching the starry skies at night.

The summer months provide the perfect conditions for stargazers to see constellations and shooting stars, and various events at Hungary’s national parks cater to doing just this.

The International Dark-Sky Association named the Zselic Landscape Protection Area an International Dark Sky Park in 2009 (the first in Europe!). Later in 2011, the Hortobágy National Park received the same honor, followed by the Bükk National Park in 2017.

In Zselic, a protected area of some 8,300 hectares of forest far from city lights, visitors have access to a binocular dome, a planetarium, a 25-meter-high lookout tower and five outdoor information and resting points.

Hortobágy provides perfect viewing of summer sights such as the Perseids meteor shower; the park is one of Hungary’s locations with the least light pollution.

For those who want to learn more about the stars above, Hungary’s number one astronomical educational center is the Pannon Csillagda in Bakonybél.

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