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Free vaccines for 1.3 million Hungarians

Ildikó Horváth, State Secretary for Health, has announced that 1.3 million doses of free vaccines are available for mothers, children and for people over the age of 60.

Patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, congenital conditions or those with immunodeficiency are eligible to receive free vaccines. Mothers, babies and small children are also eligible for the new scheme.

Children under three-years-old, but over the age of six months can take advantage of 4,000 available vaccines. Those who are planning to have a baby during this year’s flu season are also advised to get vaccinated free of charge. 

It is also recommended that vaccines be given to livestock workers and those working in healthcare facilities.

Health officials have stated that there is no epidemic as of yet, but it is still worth asking for a free vaccine. 

The flu vaccination contains three components, two A and one B variant. The vaccine does not contain any live virus and therefore cannot cause disease.

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