Four tourism developments were handed over in Balatonboglár

The resort town at Lake Balaton has received support of nearly HUF 800 million, and several large investments are still in progress.

The Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) has provided non-refundable state support for various tourism developments around Lake Balaton, including in Balatonbolgár. Last year, 117,000 people bought tickets to the Sphere Lookout on top of the Várdomb, Mayor Miklós Mészáros said.

One completed project is an elevated obstacle course, consisting of 92 elements and built from HUF 66 million in funding received by Sziszi Kft. The company also won HUF 45 million to purchase a small, sightseeing train.

The infrastructure of the Várdomb Picnic Grove, including the stairs, retaining walls, seating areas and a reception building, was also renovated from the HUF 59 million allocated to the municipality.

The fourth completed project upgraded the decorative lighting of the Sphere Lookout with new LED technology, realized from a HUF 20 million grant applied for by the city.

Mészáros also reported that development investments worth some HUF 400 million are expected to be completed throughout the year; thanks to an EU grant, the city’s 80-year-old culture house can be completely rebuilt from HUF 350 million as well.

The mayor additionally announced that the multi-year plan of Balatonboglár to build a raised path on the ridge of Várdomb, for people to view the panorama of Lake Balaton from the same level as the treetops, has already reached the permitting stage. The unique attraction, planned per the guidance of environmentalists, is expected to double the more than one hundred thousand visitors who visited Várdomb last year. The settlement hopes for HUF 500-600 million in support from the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) for the attraction.

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