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Foreign investment in Hungary is up by almost 60 percent

European working capital investment picked up last year, with Hungary seeing a 58 percent increase compared to 2021.

According to a survey by international consultancy EY, 64 percent of investors expect more investment to come to Europe in the next three years and 53 percent would like to strengthen their presence on the continent.

Western Europe tops the global regional ranking with 60 percent, while 52 percent see North America and 42 percent see Eastern and Central Europe as the most attractive regions for investment.

According to the release, 5,877 investment projects were completed across Europe in 2021, up 5 percent from the previous year. 

Hungary accounted for 76 projects, seeing a 58 percent increase compared to 2020 and ranking 15th in Europe.

In terms of population, Hungary was the most successful of the V4 in terms of both investment volume as well as the number of projects and jobs created.

The most popular areas for investment were mainly automotive, software and IT services, and electronics, with the majority of investors coming from South Korea, Germany, the United States and Austria. 

In 2021, the amount of priority working capital investments in Hungary reached EUR 5.3 billion, while the Czech Republic closed with EUR 985 million, Slovakia with EUR 0.5 billion and Poland with EUR 3.5 billion.

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