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FM Szijjártó calls for peace at EU foreign ministers’ meeting in New York

Instead of deepening the conflict, the focus must finally be on peace, he said.

According to the ministry, Péter Szijjártó will also take the view at the traditional meeting of EU foreign ministers in New York that proposals to escalate the war, deepen the conflict and exacerbate the situation should be put aside and efforts should be made to bring peace to Ukraine. 

This year’s UN General Assembly is taking place in extraordinary circumstances because of the armed conflict in Ukraine. The negative effects of the war are being felt all over the world, not just in Europe, in terms of energy insecurity and soaring inflation.

According to the minister, a ceasefire is needed and there is no better forum for negotiating it than the UN.

The UN is a place where everyone is present, where all difficult issues can be discussed, where the leaders of countries that are even at odds with one another are present at the same time, he said.

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