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FM: Hungary has the lowest corporate tax in the EU

Since 2010, the Hungarian government has reduced income taxes by 50 percentage points.

Income taxes have been reduced by 50 percentage points since 2010, and the policy of tax cuts will be continued, Minister of Finance Mihány Varga wrote on his Facebook page.

Mihály Varga added that they will continue to reduce employment taxes as well.

He talked about the personal income tax, corporate tax and employer tax as examples. In 2009, the personal income tax was 36 percent, the corporate tax was 20 percent, and the employer tax was 33.5 percent. 

In 2022, these three had dropped to 15 percent, 9 percent and 15 percent, respectively. 

In the European Union, Hungary has the lowest corporate tax rate and the third lowest personal income tax, the minister wrote.

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