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FitPuli won this year’s Startup Innovation Award

FitPuli won the 2019 Startup Innovation Award of the Hungarian Innovation Association and Valor Hungariae Zrt. for its mobile development application.

The judging committee of the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix selected this year’s winner from 46 applicants. Founded nine years ago, the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix is given each year to a world-class development that delivers outstanding benefits.

Three-year-old FitPuli offers an effective employee health program to employers and communities via its mobile app that helps people maintain and improve their health. Last year, it achieved almost HUF 25 million in revenues and HUF 340 million in funding from several investors. Dániel Oláh, the managing director of FitPuli Kft., is confident that they will be able to enter the international markets already this year. 

Tibor Gulyás, Deputy State Secretary for Innovation at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), announced that the FitPuli application has delivered outstanding economic and social benefits by exploiting digital opportunities. The developers have rightly recognized that their application can also be used by corporate communities, as the resources spent on healthcare pay off many times over for employers, he added.

Dániel Lőwy, the scientific director of Valor Hungariae Zrt., praised the importance of mobile applications, explaining that 2.7 billion smartphones and 1.35 billion tablets operate worldwide, with the average person using 30 mobile apps, although it can be difficult to properly estimate this number. One thing is for sure, it is a competitive market with hundreds of billions of dollars in profits.

FitPuli has managed to stand out in the crowd thanks to being made with the latest digital product development knowledge, based on scientific research. The application can connect to other healthcare platforms while providing data protection and also creates personalized healthcare programs, Lőwy emphasized.

The founding president of the Hungarian Innovation Association, János Pakucs, emphasized that the winners of the Startup Innovation Award have so far all had a fast growth path. According to Pakucs, the results of FitPuli will prove that the judges made a good decision this year again.

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