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First phase of Békéscsaba smart grid system to be completed soon

A solar park and electricity storage facility will be built in Békéscsaba with a grant of HUF 3.6 billion from the Modern Cities program.

Mayor Péter Szarvas emphasized that the local government of Békéscsaba is committed to reducing emissions and increasing green energy production. 

He noted that in 2016, a complex energy program using HUF 15 billion in domestic and HUF 3 billion in EU funds was put together. As part of this, a 1.3-megawatt peak (MWp) high-performance solar park, a 2.4-megawatt/hour (MWh) electricity storage facility and a visitor center will be built next to the town’s sports hall, providing the total annual energy demand of 400-500 households.

Other elements of the complex program included the creation of a second 2 MWp high-performance solar park, the construction of a geothermal system, the purchase of green buses and infrastructure, and the modernization of the public lighting system.

The mayor stated that the launch of the Modern Cities program was a turning point for the development of Békéscsaba. The city is at the forefront of the 23 municipalities participating in the program in terms of actual implementation of ideas. 

Balázs Nagy, Deputy State Secretary for Strategic Affairs at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, emphasized that the development of cities with county status also has an impact on their wider environment. He explained that the development of the smart grid system in Békéscsaba is in line with the government’s energy policy, its ideas for the protection of nature and its development goals.

Tamás Herczeg (Fidesz), Member of Parliament for the region, pointed out that based on the adopted climate protection action plan, the extent of solar energy utilization in Hungary must be doubled in the next 10 years.

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