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First Open Brewery Day: Brewing, trainings, tastings and brewery tours

26 Hungarian small breweries are taking part in the program.

At the First Open Brewery Day In Tokaj and Etyek, guests can enjoy beer and wine tasting, while in Budapest, there will be a presentation of Oktoberfest beer; and in Győrújbarát, visitors can listen to lectures on hops growing.

There are 26 breweries nationwide who are opening their doors to visitors and will introduce them to the brewing process. In addition to beer tastings, guests can also shop and take part in high-quality gastronomic programs. 

Gábor Knap, the main organizer of Open Brewery Day, said that the primary goal of the program is for people to get to know the breweries operating in the country and be able to place them on a map, thus supporting the development of Hungarian beer culture by encouraging more people to become regular visitors and customers.

Some program highlights in a nutshell:

The Krenner Brewery in Csempeszkopács opened only a few weeks ago, and visitors can taste freshly brewed beers, as well as enjoy a brewery demonstration and open-air sports programs.  At the Vaskakas Brewery in Győrújbarát, guests can hear about Hungarian hops production and learn how to start brewing their own beer at home.

In addition to its gold-medal beers, the Fűtőház Sörfőzde brewery in Rétság, Nógrád County, awaits visitors with local cheeses and products from the Rackavölgy family farm. Guests of the Kissler Sörfőzde brewery in Dombóvár and the Karl Microbrewery in Mecseknádasd can also get acquainted with local flavors.

Meanwhile, there will be a beer-tasting training at the White Rabbit Brewery in Budapest, the First Craft Beer will show its own Oktoberfest beer, and visitors to the Rizmajer Brewery will receive a gift of beer and non-alcoholic beer tasting. 

Several breweries in Hungary’s wine regions are also cooperating with local wineries for the event. In Tokaj, the Paulay Wine House will be at the BAZ Beer brewery, where guests can also get a taste of the wines of the Hétszőlő Vineyard. At the Etyek Brewery in Etyek, visitors can choose not only the brewery’s rosé must, but also the rosé wine of the Etyek Mansion.

Participation at programs is free of charge, and the list of participating breweries is available at nyitottfozdek.hu.

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