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Family allowances extended in 2023 budget

The Hungarian government does not want families to pay the price of the current economic crisis and the protracted war in our neighborhood.

The extension of family benefits in 2023 was expected, as PM Orbán has repeatedly stated that the Hungarian government does not want to make families pay the price of the current economic crisis and the prolonged war in our neighborhood, the founder of the FICSAK (Young Family Club) told local radio. 

Nóra Király said it is positive that the Hungarian government has a clear vision of how it will tackle the economic crisis. That is why the government set up the utility and defense funds a month ago and has pinpointed exactly where the budget deficit will be covered next year.

The draft 2023 budget, she continued, seems to outline that the family support system will be maintained. The government will give priority to ensuring that Hungarian families can live in their own, renovated homes, as this will provide them with the security needed to steadily improve demographic indicators. 

Baby waiting allowances will continue to be available as well, and the budget for this will be further increased in 2023. The government is also investing substantial sums to help women return to the labor market, to reduce mortgage debt, and to fund other forms of support, she concluded.

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