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Families can receive up to HUF 3 million for home renovation

The Hungarian government will provide support for the renovation of houses and apartments starting January 1, 2021.

Katalin Novák, Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs, announced that families can reclaim a maximum of HUF 3 million, or up to a maximum of 50 percent of the cost of their house renovation. 

In other words, if the family presents an invoice for spending HUF 6 million, it can reclaim HUF 3 million.

Novák emphasized that families can apply for the support even if they have only one child and they do not need to request the family housing benefit (“CSOK”).

The minister indicated that the government’s primary goal is to make sure that every family has a secure roof over their head.

The home-building program was introduced in 2012, and now the Hungarian government is working on the largest home-building program of all time. As part of this, the sales tax on new homes will be just 5 percent again, which families can also recover.

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