Extraordinary development in the Aggtelek National Park

The park’s new equipment will improve the efficiency of nature conservation and support on the ground.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday, State Secretary for Nature Protection András Rácz said that the 251 nature conservation guards working in Hungary’s 10 national parks are primarily responsible for the protection of some 850,000 hectares of protected natural areas, 2 million hectares of Natura 2000 sites, protected plant, animal and fungi species, and 38,000 registered archaeological sites in the countryside.

The project seeks to improve the effectiveness of nature conservation and to expand and develop the range of tools to offer support on the ground, the state secretary added. 

Within the framework of this project, the Aggtelek National Park Directorate acquired several new field vehicles and various monitoring devices; an air surveillance support system was also developed, which will enable the staff of the guard service to carry out more effective natural condition assessments and field observations together with the police, Rácz said in the press release.

The minister of state drew attention to the importance of training new conservation guards, for which the Ministry of Agriculture has launched the increasingly popular Young Guard Program for the ninth time this year. The aim of the initiative is to give young people an insight into nature conservation and to introduce and promote practical conservation activities.

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