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Exhibition about world-shaping Hungarian inventions opens in February at Millenáris

The exhibition seeks to inspire young people as the thinkers of the future.

As MTI reported, some 600 geniuses and their inventions that have shaped today’s world will be on display at the exhibition focusing on Hungarian achievements, including the fight against the coronavirus, network theory and discoveries in space technology.

The exhibit will showcase inventions in the fields of infocommunications, industry and energy, from Ányos Jedlik’s electric rotary to Ginga Eötvös and Ottó Bláthy’s electric clock that made it possible to harness nuclear energy.

In a section on agriculture, visitors can learn more about precision farming and vertical farms, among other things. 

In a space section, VR and dome projections will be used to showcase outstanding Hungarian contributions to mathematics, aeronautics and space research.

Virág Dankó, the managing director of Millenáris, said that it seems that Hungarians are good at creating exceptional innovations as solutions to a specific problem, as there are an outstanding number of significant inventions and research to showcase. Each of them has provided an answer to a burning question, contributed to the development of the world, and still has an impact on today’s life. 

Opening at Millenáris in Budapest, the temporary exhibition entitled “Dreamers of Dreams 20 – World-renowned Hungarians, world-shaping inventions” aims to raise awareness of the role of innovation and science and to inspire the inventors of the future by presenting examples for them to follow.  

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