Exclusive interview with the founders of Day-to-Day Kids about screen-free activities

Today, parents work a lot and have little time to find great programs for their children.

Krisztina Somogyi, a child psychologist and CEO of the app Day-to-Day Kids, talks about the importance of an interactive collection of screen-free activities and its effect on children’s development during early childhood. Meanwhile, her sister, Anita Somogyi, gives us an insight into countless activities for children that she has in mind.

1. Why did you apply for the Design Terminal’s Autumn Mentoring Program?

Krisztina Somogyi: We are in a phase where we have a lot of work and experience behind us and a lot more to achieve. When we applied, we wanted to improve our business model, meet and discuss with like-minded people and prepare for scaling our business internationally. Since a positive social impact is an important factor for Design Terminal when considering applications, we hoped that this would be a great place for us. 

2. What is special and unique about this mentoring program for you?

Krisztina Somogyi: We have never participated in an accelerator program before, therefore the whole concept is quite new for us. We love the commitment of Design Terminal to having a social impact. Special thanks to the head of mentoring, Anikó, and the startup relations manager, Dorka, for making us feel like we are part of a loving family. They work hard, really hard for us.

3. What kind of support did you receive from the mentoring program?

Krisztina Somogyi: Knowledge that can be put into practice using the tools we have become familiar with. We have also received ideas from smart and experienced people on how to improve our business. We built connections with a wide range of people including our beloved key mentor, talented teams involved in the program and other super people we met at Design Terminal events. 

4. What competencies did you learn during the program?

Anita Somogyi: We are sisters and, although we look different on the outside, we have some similarities on the inside. Neither of us is an extrovert type, but thanks to Design Terminal, in the last few months we’ve had many opportunities to connect and ask for help if necessary. Therefore, we have improved our networking skills. We improved our entrepreneurial mindset and hopefully our pitching skills, too. But we’ll see if that’s the case on Demo Day in January.

5. What are the 3 best things you experienced during the program?

Anita Somogyi: We could write a long list of the great things that happened to us. People, events, lectures, workshops. But one of the best things was the worst when it actually happened. When we had 45 minutes to prepare for a 3-minute pitch in the Power Camp. We did our best, but it was a horrible experience. We had only one day to improve our slides and performance and pitch again in front of a bigger audience. That second pitch felt good as a speaker, and we received great feedback. This experience gave us strength and faith that we are capable of much more than we think. 

6. Why would you recommend the program to others?

Anita Somogyi: Design Terminal’s mentoring program is a great choice for those teams who already have a product, but need some support and guidance to improve their business. Power Camp is a fantastic experience, a perfect mixture of work, pressure and fun. In the next three months, teams have access to customized mentoring so that they can get the best out of this experience.

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