Exclusive interview with Global Tutoring Hub: transforming learning globally

Global Tutoring Hub is a Barbadian startup focused on transforming learning in Barbados, the Caribbean and the World. It aims to make the delivery of online learning more effective through increased user engagement using personalized and adaptive learning.

Global Tutoring Hub has set out to transform learning on a global level through its online learning platform called Podium. Mr. Dario Thornhill, team representative in Hungary, told us more about the company’s aim to disrupt the education industry.

1. Why did you apply for the Design Terminal’s Autumn Mentoring Program?

Dario Thornhill: We applied to the Design Terminal’s Autumn Mentoring Program based on an online review of the previous program. We are a social-impact business in education and want to do this on a global scale. After attending the Power Camp, it was clear to us that the focus on social-impact businesses was real and Design Terminal could help us significantly in reaching our goal of transforming learning globally.

2. What is special and unique about this mentoring program for you?

Dario Thornhill: The mentors set this program apart for us. The quality and quantity of world-class mentors with practical experience in the key areas we needed was the key differentiator for us. Coming from the Caribbean, it is difficult to find mentors with the level of practical experience in the areas we need, like learning design and testing and education delivery, and who have the practical experience doing large-scale implementations.

3. What kind of support did you receive from the mentoring program?

Dario Thornhill: The Design Terminal team has been very supportive, and our mentors have been excellent. Starting with the weekly sessions, the team has sought to provide insightful and impactful sessions from qualified persons, geared towards improving our startup. Our mentors have also been excellent. From working with us on team reviews and team building with Zsolt Feher to the excellent technical support provided by András Koharek and his team, the experience has been beyond our expectations. 

4. What competencies did you learn during the program?

Dario Thornhill: From the building of the strategic house to outline key goals and strategic actions to be taken so we continue to remain focused to insightful sales tips and practical technical info on improving and developing our platform, the scope has been wide but all relevant. We have worked on improving competencies in sales, operations, finance, legal, etc., from the simple area of conducting effective team meetings to the practical area of working effectively as a remote team.   

5. What are the 3 best things you experienced during the program?

Dario Thornhill: For us, it would be the atmosphere of being in a foreign country where everything is geared towards helping you succeed. Between the Design Terminal team and the other participants, we have built a family atmosphere, and we all want to see each other succeed. Also, the help and support of our mentors who have gone above and beyond what is expected of them has been exceptional. Additionally, the practical support has been invaluable, as it has not just been a talk shop; we received practical and meaningful, tangible support. 

6. Why would you recommend the program to others?Dario Thornhill: In a heartbeat. When we signed up, we had no expectation that the experience would be life-changing for us personally nor of the impact it would have on our startup. The fact that this program is designed specifically for social impact businesses drew us here, but the experience has been beyond our expectations. We would gladly recommend this program to those who are serious about building globally scalable social-impact businesses.

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