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EU has not yet withdrawn any funds from Hungary

There is no risk of the EU withdrawing funds from Hungary per its decision under the rule of law procedure.

Hungary has not been deprived of any funds so far, and there is no risk of this happening, according to the European Commission’s decision on Sunday under the rule of law procedure, Justice Minister Judit Varga stressed in Brussels.

Speaking to international journalists at a meeting of the General Affairs Council, she said that intensive, constructive, solution-oriented and forward-looking negotiations with the European Commission were underway, as a result of which Hungary had put 17 proposals for action on the table.

The Hungarian measures are capable of addressing the concerns expressed by the European Commission under the conditionality procedure, Varga pointed out.

The Hungarian measures, which the justice minister described as model measures, focus on improving legislation to strengthen the fight against corruption, to improve transparency in public procurement and to improve certain conflict of interest rules.

The European Commission’s assessment is that the Hungarian legislative proposals are all capable of providing adequate answers to all technical questions, she added. 

Hungary wants to preserve the unanimity of votes under the EU treaties and does not support any change to this. Instead, it wants to focus on consensus solutions among member states, Varga concluded. 

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