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Ernst & Young opens its first regional office in Debrecen

Thanks to the expansion, Ernst & Young (EY) will be the only Big Four accounting firm with three offices in Hungary.

EY is building regional centers in Hungary, the first step of which was to open an office in Debrecen, Botond Rencz, the company’s newly appointed international manager, said.

We are clearly seeing that companies need more help now than before COVID-19. In response to the increased demand, we decided to open regional centers to better support our customers, Rencz said, adding that they chose Debrecen, Hungary’s second most-populous city and the headquarters of many international companies due to its excellent infrastructure, vocational training and stable economy. The industrial parks built here also provide opportunities for businesses in the area.

I believe that the basis of the city’s development is a strong economy. In recent years, we have been able to announce large investments in the value of billions of forints, creating thousands of jobs. It is a pleasure to welcome another international company in Debrecen, said László Papp, the mayor of Debrecen.

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