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Entry to Hungary is allowed for businesses

Despite the renewed border closures due to COVID-19, it’s possible to enter and leave Hungary for business purposes without restriction.

In order to keep the economy running smoothly, the Hungarian government has amended the border restrictions that came into force earlier this month.

According to a statement from the Government Information Center, the government has reviewed the epidemic situation and related measures and asserted that the second wave of the epidemic has also reached Hungary. Therefore, compliance with the entry restrictions and general protection measures is considered to be of paramount importance. 

However, the government has decided to allow business entry to ensure the smooth operation of the Hungarian economy. In case of entry into Hungary, a PCR test performed once in a Schengen Member State will be recognized as equivalent to the domestic test and accepted.

The Hungarian government has also decided to extend the restrictions for sports and cultural events. This means that visitors of international sporting and cultural events in Hungary can only enter the country with a negative PCR test result and a ticket to the event and must also undergo a health examination. Such visitors must also leave within 72 hours of entry. 

In addition to the countries belonging to the Schengen area, the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test performed in the United States of America and Canada is also being accepted, with results certified by the relevant document in Hungarian or English.

The full government decree is available here

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