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Entrepreneurship Information Portal set up for individual entrepreneurs

In response to the needs of small businesses, a new feature has been added to VALI, the Entrepreneur Information Portal.

As a result of the latest development, personalized information is now also available to sole proprietors in addition to partnerships, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology announced in a statement on Thursday.

László György, Minister of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation, said in the statement that the Entrepreneur Information Portal was created by the government to provide businesses with up-to-date information. He added that the portal would allow entrepreneurs to find the subsidies and public loans available to them in just two clicks.

In addition to fast access to information, businesses can get free state-subsidized services such as business diagnostics and financial and IT advice, and can also visit sample plants.  

The popularity of the portal is demonstrated by the fact that already 8,000 businesses have registered. There are currently more than 400,000 self-employed entrepreneurs in Hungary, and their number has been growing steadily since 2012 thanks to favorable domestic regulations. 

After a short registration process, they can now also view their publicly available data and the application and credit opportunities available to them.

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