EIT opened a new office in Budapest

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) represents the largest innovation network in the European Union.

According to a recent statement, the EU set up EIT to further strengthen Europe’s capacity to innovate and help develop the most advanced solutions to the current pressing global challenges by strengthening the links between business, education and research.

In the recent period, the organization has grown into the largest innovation network in Europe and has also played an important role in strengthening the Hungarian innovation ecosystem.

EIT has already brought more than EUR 40 million to Hungary and has supported more than 100 promising Hungarian startups. Businesses helped by the EIT community have already invested EUR 2.4 million in Hungary, they wrote.

Since its founding, EIT has supported more than 3,800 startups and scaleups at the European level, mobilizing EUR 3.9 billion in external capital, creating more than 13,000 jobs and more than 1,400 new products and services in Europe.

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