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Eger Basilica earmarked for renovation

Works are due to be completed by the fall of 2022.

The reconstruction of Eger Basilica is already underway and consists of several parts. The main church’s electrical system and lighting system will be renewed. Existing lamps will be reconstructed by artisan work and rebuilt with the finest contemporary lampshades.

The interior will also be transformed, as will the liturgical space in the sanctuary. A new confessional altar, reading box and Easter candle will be placed inside. It is planned that all three, as well as the new baptismal built on the crossing ship, will be carved from special Puciscan stone, the same as the pulpstone used for the pulpit set up 110 years ago.

The canonical tables will be returned to their original place, bringing the Archbishop’s throne and priestly chairs closer to the believers.

With the help of painter-restorer artists, the domes and walls will be renewed, while the columns will receive classic artificial marble and golden smoke covering.

The renovation also includes some tourist developments. A bookstore will be set up near the northern tower where they will sell religious items. From here, visitors can take the spiral stairs to the tower, where they can see the largest bell of the Cathedral, named after St. Michael. In the area next to the basilica, a confectionery and a water block are being built.

The government initially approved HUF 3 billion for the reconstruction of the basilica, but additional funding could be added over time to complete the project.

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