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Domestic employment has never been so high

In the first quarter of 2021, Hungary had its best employment data since 2010.

Sándor Bodó, Secretary of State for Employment Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said that domestic employment is 77.7 percent according to the indicators compiled by Eurostat. This means that Hungary ranks sixth among the member states and is almost six percentage points higher than the EU average, he added. 

The indicator, close to 78 percent, indicator corresponds to a situation close to full employment. 

According to international comparative data, only the Netherlands, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Germany have more people employed in the 20–64 age group than in Hungary.

The domestic unemployment rate of 3.9 percent is also one of the lowest in Europe.

Sándor Bodó added that the outstanding performance is not only due to the effective management of COVID-19 but to the efforts over the last decade to build a work-based society. 

The secretary of state recalled when employment for the 20–64 age group in Hungary was below 60 percent. 

The employment level has increased by 4.3 percentage points on average in the EU over the past 11 years, while the growth in Hungary has been more than four times faster, at 18.3 percentage points, he added. 

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