Diligent Corporation establishes its global headquarters in Budapest

The American company, a global leader in software development and service, is establishing its new global product development center in Budapest.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said on Monday that the government will provide HUF 2.8 billion in support for the HUF 11.3 billion investment.

Diligent will create 300 new jobs, hiring Hungarian employees with higher education in software development, corporate-governance software development, computer services and IT support.

The minister stressed that there is now a particularly fierce competition for investments because, in the current world economic environment, investments that create jobs are becoming more and more rare.

But Hungary, Szijjártó said, entered this competition on time, and its successes so far show that, thanks to the work of the last 10 years, the vibrant Hungarian economy is one of the winners of the new world economic era.

He emphasized that the creativity of the Hungarian people and recognition of the Hungarian higher education system have also contributed to this success, leading to numerous investments where Hungarian engineers and IT specialists can work for leading companies, such as Diligent. 

Szijjártó called the investment a serious step in terms of changing the dimension of the Hungarian economy, as more and more companies are coming to Hungary to set up their research and development and other high added-value activities. 

The minister also pointed out that American companies are the second-largest investors in Hungary, after the Germans, with about 1,700 American companies currently employing more than 100,000 Hungarians.

The government has entered into strategic alliances with 14 U.S. companies, and 80 new U.S. investments have been announced over the past six years.

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