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Developments in Hungary helping recovery from the crisis

Over the past 10 years, Hungary has done its utmost to strengthen elements of its economy, its industry and its capacity for innovation.

Speaking at the inauguration of the ZalaZONE Research and Technology Centre, Minister of Technology and Industry László Palkovics said that the joint efforts of industry, academia, education, the state and local government in Zalaegerszeg have created a research, development, and industrial center that four years ago many people said would never happen. “Today, a number of engineers and research institutes are working here in a world-class environment and planning the next steps,” Palkovics said.

He pointed out that industrial players are also present in ZalaZONE, with Rheinmetall’s newly built military factory, for example, already employing 130 people.

László Vigh, Fidesz MP for the region and ministerial commissioner, said that the automotive industry is and will continue to be the driving force of the Hungarian economy.

Mayor Zoltán Balaicz (Fidesz-KDNP) recalled that an ecosystem had been built on the outskirts of the city, where industrial production, research and development, universities, and service providers were all located together. Thanks to all these factors, Zalaegerszeg’s economy is now in a position to weather difficult times, if not easily, then more easily than others.

András Háry, CEO of the ZalaZONE Industrial Park, said of the handover of the research center that it was not a single investment, but a whole system, including not only the buildings but also the equipment, knowledge and skills.

He recalled that the main building of the research center was inaugurated in 2019, which enabled the creation of a portfolio of research, development, innovation, and industrial services. Since then, the automotive test track has been completed; Rheinmetall’s combat vehicle factory has been built; and other business, education, and service operators have been able to operate in the area, together with new buildings erected around the research center.

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