Design Terminal’s Fall Mentoring Program has started

Teams target diverse sectors from health to sustainability.

Innovation Finds a Way! says the new slogan of the Design Terminal’s Mentoring Program. The three-month program was done virtually last spring and will be online this time as well. Still, startups from 13 countries and three continents applied, and Design Terminal selected 16 out of the 82, who then went on to the Virtual Power Camp for the final round of selection.

The 10 finalists are startups in areas like health, education and sustainability and include six Hungarian and four foreign companies — Chilean, French, Estonian and Spanish. 

Spanish Heuristik software helps healthcare institutions enroll and identify patients and manage their information using their fingerprints.

The Hungarian team of Skeebdo makes learning English easier, including films and series to help expand your vocabulary.

Munch, also Hungarian, uses its platform to fight against food waste; restaurants, bakeries, shops and hotels can sell their remaining, high-quality food at discounted prices.

Volteum is also a Hungarian startup that allows drivers of electric cars to plan where they will charge their vehicles and what to do during the charging time. 

Hungarian-American PhoneIn lets you use your phone to grant access to your home/apartment when needed, even if you are not home yet.

Estonian PhaseGrowth uses data obtained from space to provide information in areas such as shipping, manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture.

Chile’s EcoEd is developing software to help small and medium-sized businesses operate in the most sustainable way possible. 

French B-cube.ai develops trading strategies for cryptocurrencies based on quantitative finance implemented via machine learning.

The Hungarian Track is developing a platform for difficult-to-follow sporting events, making it possible to track events by collecting data from GPS and other IoT devices.

The Hungarian founder of Palanta, living in The Hague, has developed an online clothing rental interface where clothes from environmentally friendly designers can be rented, thus fighting against unnecessary and harmful clothing production.

Design Terminal has many years of experience in supporting startups according to their individual needs, helping them to develop their business model and product. The Mentoring Program ends in January, and the latest news can be followed on the Design Terminal community pages.

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