Design Terminal is building a mentoring network

Stronger cross-border communities will create a stronger economy and more jobs.

One of the conditions for the survival of Hungarian companies abroad is strong cross-border communities, László Jónás, the Design Terminal manager leading the cooperation with the State Secretariat for National Policy, told a local paper. 

Jónás added that one of the elements of their strategy is economic development, in which communities must also play a central role for long-term results. The expert believes that the most important building blocks of the network are strong local entrepreneurs, as they create jobs.

The manager noted that they wanted to provide training to successful entrepreneurs so they can share their knowledge locally with emerging entrepreneurs. If this succeeds, more and more Hungarian companies will be established in cross-border areas, strengthening local communities, he said.

Together with the State Secretariat for National Policy, they are now working to build the strongest possible business communities abroad. 

We have met a lot of Hungarian-owned entrepreneurs who want to give back to their community and are happy to support young people. We will continue to build the mentoring network in Transylvania in the coming months and will push forward after that, László Jónás said. 

The expert said that they want partner companies to be connected to each other and to the motherland via as many points as possible because it’s important that the Carpathian Basin’s economic space is developed in as large an area as possible. The more stronger points of connection that are formed, the more effective the collaborations will be, he added. 

The epidemic has made Design Terminal’s work rather difficult, as these types of communities in cross-border areas need personal — not just online — connections. Once the pandemic is over, they will continue to build these communities in person, Jónás stressed.

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