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Debrecen’s largest year-round playground “Sziget-kék” is open

“Enjoy and use this playground, which we have built for you with great care and love," the mayor said to the children.

On July 31, families could take possession of Debrecen’s largest year-round playground. Debrecen’s newest playground was opened by Mayor of Debrecen László Papp on Sunday morning. 

The mayor said that the playground “Ötholdas Pagony “ closed in September 2021, and they promised to open something beautiful, new and magical in its place this year. 

The mayor said that they dreamed of a magical world, and used the story of the famous Debrecen writer, Magda Szabó, to create it. 

“Enjoy and use this playground, which we have built for you with great care and love,” the mayor said to the children.

The park, which includes 80 different types of playground equipment/games, is run by Nagyerdei Kultúrpark Kft.

Sándor Gergely Nagy, managing director of Nagyerdei Kultúrpark Kft. said that it’s a huge task and responsibility since a five-hectare area has to be maintained from a horticultural and technical point of view. The most important thing is to avoid accidents, to ensure the preservation of the equipment, and to enrich this beautiful place in the heart of the Great Forest (Nagyerdő) with programs. 

The project called “Sziget-kék” includes the construction of a single-story, accessible facility with a floor area of approximately 450 square meters, allowing four seasons of use.

It includes a social block, a café, a buffet, a shop, a room for private events and activities, and a tourist information point for park users and visitors. There is also a so-called adventure tower, a five-story observation tower for children’s entertainment, and a play tower.

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