Debrecen International Airport could play a major role in opening up the Far East

The Debrecen International Airport and Wizz Air have been working together for 10 years.

The first scheduled WIZZ flight from Debrecen to London Luton took off in June 2012. Wizz Air CEO József Váradi said back then that the success of the London flight was also a personal matter for him as a Debrecen resident.

Since its launch, the company has been contributing to the dynamic development of Debrecen Airport with its steadily growing passenger traffic. 

The Debrecen city administration has been working for 16 years to present Debrecen as an alternative to Budapest, and it seems that this urban policy has been successful. Debrecen, as the center of the Eastern region, has become an integral part of international air traffic, which will have a significant positive impact on the development of the economy, Mayor László Papp said at the opening of the Wizz Air base in 2015. 

In recent years, Wizz Air has been continuously expanding its network in Debrecen.

The mayor stressed at the celebration of 10 years of cooperation that the airport has played a decisive role in the economic and tourism development of Debrecen over the last eight years,  adding that the cooperation with Wizz Air has practically opened up the world to the city.

He added that the airport could also play a major role in opening up the Far East in the coming years.

Levente Magyar, deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said that Debrecen had grown into a true Central European metropolis. 

Debrecen has the country’s only state-owned airport; the government has ambitious plans for further development and will implement them if the economic situation allows, the mayor said. 

József Váradi, CEO and co-founder of Wizz Air, added that the positive economic prospects for Debrecen are clear, and Wizz Air intends to contribute to any further development. 

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