Cycling tourism development at Lake Balaton

The project aims to meet the needs of guests in the area year-round.

Market research was performed to gauge the interests of both ardent cyclists as well as non-cyclists who are interested in an active lifestyle in order to further develop cycling tourism around Lake Balaton. 

Responses gathered from 1,200 questionnaires, 22 in-depth interviews and eight focus groups support the BalatonBike365 development program to create more cycling opportunities for the spring and autumn seasons and meet the needs of cycling guests. 

The survey was launched by the Hungarian Tourism Association, and now a consortium of this association along with the Hungarian Cycling Association, the Kisfaludy2030 Tourism Development Co. and the Hungarian Tourism Association Foundation has entered the physical phase of the project. 

During a workshop to present and evaluate survey results, participants were able to get a look at plans for the cycling service points in Balatonfüred, Keszthely and Balatonföldvár, as well as the 1,280 km cycling route, of which, apart from the Balaton Circle, at least 600 km will eventually be designated and marked. 

Lake Balaton is already a major tourist destination, and the project aims to establish cycling trails in the area for use year-round as well as cycling resting points. “The focus of the research was on measuring domestic and foreign demand in line with the National Tourism Development Strategy,” said Péter Princzinger, chairman of the consortium association after the workshop.

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