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CURIOSITAS is the Cake of Hungary 2020

The cake named "CURIOSITAS - Curiosity" and created by Krisztián Füredi, a confectioner from Tápiószecső, has won the title this year.

The National Confederation of Hungarian Confectionery Craftsmen announced the winner of the fourteenth “Cake of Hungary” competition to celebrate the founding of the Hungarian state.

In the first round, the jury selected six cakes anonymously; they then re-tasted these six in a second round and made suggestions for their improvement. For the final, the six confectioners had to make their creations live in front of the jury, who then scored the cakes once again.

The winner for 2020 is  “CURIOSITAS – Curiosity,” the work of Krisztián Füredi, a confectioner at Hisztéria Confectionery in Tápiószecső.

Krisztián Füredi trained at the famous Gundel restaurant, and the main ingredients of his winning cake — almonds, hazelnuts and chocolate — were inspired by the Gundel Cake. However, he also added one of his favorite ingredients, quince, to it in three forms: jelly, compote and brandy.

The almond sponge cake featured orange almond mousse and dark chocolate as well.

Second place went to Éva Helsa’s “Majestic fig manna” cake from the Vanília & Gelarto confectionery in Nagykőrös, and third place went to the “Tétényi blueberry almond” cake by last year’s winner Ádám Sztaracsek from the Jánoska Confectionery in Komárom..

The jury also awarded a special prize for the preservation of tradition. It was the first time this award was ever handed out and went to László Nándori’s (Nándori Confectionery in Budapest), FORTISSIMI – Bátrak cake, in honor of Kercaszomor, the Bravest Village.

A “Sugar-Free Cake” competition additionally takes place every year at the same time, organized by the Egy Csepp Figyelem Alapítvány together with the National Confederation of Hungarian Confectionery Craftsmen.

The “JÓkenyér” bakery team in Pilisszentiván won with its “Szentivánéji Álom” (Midsummer Night’s Dream) cake, featuring cinnamon and sour-cherry jam and a light sour-cherry whipped cream. The cake was covered with sugar-free white chocolate and a layer of freeze-dried cherries as well.

Starting August 19, people will be able to taste all of these cakes at hundreds of patisseries across Hungary.

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