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Culture Houses 24/7 event

Thousands of free programs await visitors this February 14-16.

Péter Fekete, State Secretary for Culture at the Ministry of Human Resources, said at a press conference in Budapest that the Culture Houses 24/7 event was about finding, preserving and passing on the values ​​created by our grandfathers and our fathers to the next generation. The secretary also noted that this process requires the involvement of public education institutions. 

Luckily, Hungary has a fantastic and expansive public education network. István Bordás, president of the Hungarian Folk Culture Association, said that the aim of the program is to show the diversity and community-building work of local education institutions and the professionals working there. Péter Novák, musician, actor and patron of the event, also noted how Culture Houses helps draw attention to the need to keep cultural centers alive.

This year, 400 organizations have registered about a thousand free programs to take place February 14-16. Three highlighted venues are: Friday’s official opening in Budafok, Saturday’s events hosted by Soltvadkert, and Sunday’s events in the village of Patak, Nógrád County, representing villages and towns. The TEMI Municipal Cultural Center (FMH) will have a variety of programs, including a Moravian dance house on Saturday and a Valentine’s Day beading session at the carnival ball on Sunday, as well as a photo exhibition and a rock concert.

Neighboring countries will also be joining the event, with eight settlements from Vienna to Osijek organizing a dance house as part of the program series.

Bordás noted that there are presently 6,200 public education organizations in 3,174 settlements in Hungary, and these institutions attract 67 million visitors a year through their various programs. There are more than 30,000 cultural communities represented in the institutions, with almost 4,000 professionals.

Cultural and community centers can still join until February 14 at kulturhazak.hu. The main sponsor of this year’s event is the National Cultural Fund (NKA).

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