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Cranes have arrived in Hortobágy

With the onset of autumn, tens of thousands of cranes can be seen on guided tours in Hortobágy.

From September 17 until the end of October, the Hortobágy National Park Directorate is organizing various weekend tours to see the birds migrating.

Participants of the “Négy keréken a darvak nyomában” tour can drive their own car to see the cranes migrating to their roosting sites in the national park. Guests can listen to a short information session about the cranes and then follow a guide and approach the site in their own car.

The “Hortobágy-halastavi darules kisvasúttal” tour starts at the Fisherman’s Bastion Inn (Halászbárka Fogadó) with a film screening, followed by a short information session on cranes. Afterwards, the tour will start with a small train ride to Lake Kondás, where visitors can watch the cranes gathering for the night and then return by train.

Participation is by appointment only. 

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