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COVID-19 Update: Vaccination at workplaces may be mandatory

Government aims to get as many people as possible vaccinated.

According to epidemic forecasts, the number of infections may increase sharply during the fourth wave. Those entering the hospital or in need of a ventilator as well as the number of deaths will increase to a lesser extent, but the situation requires action.

According to the government’s decision, employers may require all employees to be vaccinated, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, announced on Thursday.

This will also be enforced by the state for its employees, including educators; in the case of local governments, the mayors can decide whether or not to mandate vaccination, he added.

Compulsory vaccination applies to two doses. Also, any person who would be harmed by the vaccine due to some illness can get an exemption with a medical certificate, he explained.

If someone refuses to get vaccinated, they can be sent on unpaid leave; if this situation persists for more than a year, the employment relationship can also be terminated, the minister said.

According to current plans, the first vaccination should be received by December 15, he said.

All other methods of epidemic control are secondary to vaccination. Therefore, any measure that increases the number of people vaccinated is important, Gulyás pointed out. 

Starting November 1, masks will be mandatory on public transport. A ban on visits to patients in healthcare institutions will also be ordered, while in other social institutions, any ban can be decided upon by the director, he said.

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