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COVID-19 Update: The validity of EU protection certificates is extended

The extension was proposed by the European Commission.

The Council of the European Union on Tuesday agreed to extend for one year the validity of a regulation establishing an EU certificate of protection against coronavirus, which expires on June 30. 

The extension will ensure that EU travelers and their beneficiaries can continue to use their EU digital covid cards for travel within the EU in those member states where these documents are still needed. The legislation will also allow member states to issue new types of test certificates based on antigen tests.

The legislation requires the European Commission to assess, six months after the validity of the certificates has been extended, whether the continuation of the relevant regulation is necessary and proportionate.

The current regulation establishing the EU certificate of protection against coronavirus was adopted on June 14, 2021. The European Commission proposed on February 3 to extend the validity of the Regulation for one year, until June 30, 2023.

If the health situation allows, the regulation could be repealed earlier, the EU Council said in a statement.

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