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COVID-19 update: The government extended protection measures until April 8

The government has extended the protection measures in place until April 8, Róbert Kiss, deputy head of the Operational Group responsible for controlling the coronavirus epidemic, said during an online press conference on Monday.

Kiss said that the decision made on the proposal of the Operational Group was justified by the need to protect the life, physical integrity and health of the Hungarian people due to the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

The lieutenant colonel of the police reported that the protection measures regarding the wearing of masks, curfews, rules of conduct in public areas, shops, leisure facilities, and entertainment venues, as well as the opening of shops and other services and the restrictions on education, remain unchanged. See the details here.

The scope of border-control tasks temporarily introduced for all Schengen internal border sections of Hungary, as well as the entry restrictions applicable to passenger traffic in Hungary, will also be extended until April 8, he added.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán previously reported that no reopening is taking place for the time being, but there is a serious chance that ”free” life in Hungary will return this summer.

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