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COVID-19 Update: Only a third vaccination is required to obtain a vaccination certificate

The current immunity card will be replaced by a vaccination card, the conditions for which will change on February 15.

As MTI reported, PM Orbán said on local radio that people can only obtain a vaccination certificate only if they have had a third vaccination or if six months have not passed since their second vaccination. 

PM Orbán stressed that Omicron is a new challenge, as experts say it spreads much faster than previous variants, although its potency is less. 

New rules will come into force on February 15 due to the new outbreak. 

  • Hungarians over the age of 18 will be considered vaccinated if they have already received their third vaccination or if more than six months have passed since their second vaccination.
  • The vaccination certificate will be replaced by the vaccination card and the quarantine period will be reduced to 7 days, but if someone tests negative after 5 days, the quarantine will end.
  • Only those who have been vaccinated will have a valid card.
  • An unvaccinated person will not be eligible for a vaccination card even if they had the virus, and their current card will lose its validity.
  • Once the third vaccination has been taken, the card will be valid indefinitely.
  • Vaccinations can be obtained without registration on Thursday and Friday afternoons and on Saturdays at hospital vaccination points and at designated district specialist clinics.
  • Children aged 5 to 11 can still be vaccinated by appointment only at hospital vaccination points or at general pediatricians.

The third vaccine is recommended for anyone who has had their previous vaccination more than 4 months ago. With a third vaccination, protection can be increased to 80–90 percent again. The third vaccine can also be given to children aged 12 to 17.

As already announced by the government, the fourth vaccine can be requested now, even as part of the ongoing vaccination campaign, for people over 18 years of age if 4 months have passed since their third vaccination.

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