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COVID-19 update: Home quarantine in Hungary will be shortened to 10 days

The government made the announcement after an EU-wide agreement.

At a meeting attended by all the health ministers of EU Member States, it was agreed that the 14-day quarantine obligation for those coming from regions/countries at increased risk of coronavirus should be shortened to 10 days.

Pursuant to the agreement, Hungary’s law pertaining to travel restrictions was amended as well.

In the case of Hungarian and foreign citizens entering Hungary from countries classified as risk areas for infection, the quarantine period designated by the home or epidemiological authority will be reduced from the previous 14 days to 10 days if they are not suspected of being infected. 

The rules for release from quarantine remain unchanged.

According to a recent measure, the cost of the PCR test has been regulated, too. No healthcare provider or laboratory can ask for more than HUF 19,500 for a PCR test. The official price will apply to those who voluntarily request a PCR test, for example, to get out of official home quarantine with two negative results when returning from abroad.

If the PCR testing is ordered by a doctor, hospital or authority, you will still not have to pay for it. 

In the meantime, 25 aviation and tourism organizations have called on the President of the European Commission to personally intervene immediately to introduce a uniform coronavirus testing procedure instead of quarantine rules, which could help open borders for travel and thus support the ailing sector.

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