Modern Cities Program

COVID-19 did not interrupt the Modern Cities program

The combined budget of the Modern Cities program exceeds HUF 600 billion in 2021 and 2022.

The budget of the Modern Cities program will be spent partly on tourism and health developments but also on education, culture, sports, local roads and public transport, said Alpár Gyopáros, the government commissioner responsible for the development of modern settlements. 

Gyopáros explained that the cities participating in the program could determine their own development goals. Thus, a city with county status, together with the resources needed for major road developments, will receive the budget needed for decades to achieve its goals.

The program supports 270 investments with resources exceeding HUF 4 trillion. The affected settlements have already received more than HUF 2 trillion. This is an unprecedented level of support for such towns, and two-thirds of the amount is being provided by the Hungarian government, he added. 

Of the 270 investments, more than 110 have already been completed in part or in full. Half of the resources of the Modern Cities program have been spent on road and rail developments.

The government is committed to connecting all 23 cities with county rights to the domestic expressway network by 2025, and this is progressing well. More and more projects are underway in four county capitals, while 19 cities can already be reached by high-quality, four-lane roads, the government commissioner emphasized.

Some great investments include the construction of the M76 double-lane motorway connecting Zalaegerszeg with the M7 motorway, the construction of the swimming pool and gymnastics center in Veszprém, and the construction of the museum district in Békéscsaba commemorating Mihály Munkácsy.

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