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Corvinus to implement digital developments with EU funding

According to the university's statement sent to MTI, the HUF 1.49 billion EU grant will be used to carry out developments in four areas.

The funding will contribute to the digital development of the Ménesi út campus, the revival of the university’s online education system, and the expansion and updating of digital teaching materials.

The digital teaching materials will be produced for priority subjects, among others, and the university will also develop new undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to data science and artificial intelligence. 

In addition, the funding will enable the university’s lecture and teaching spaces to become fully digitally enabled hybrid classrooms with a closed-system infrastructure. 

The university will also launch a digital equipment loan program for students in need, and further develop a system to support educational excellence, training in data management and study administration, they added.

According to Réka Franciska Vas, vice rector for education at Corvinus, the developments will bring the university closer to its goal of becoming the leading institution in Central Europe in the fields of economics and social sciences in international rankings by 2030.

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