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Close to 9,000 participated in state-sponsored online IT training

The aim of the free course was to expand people’s basic IT knowledge; those who successfully completed it have the opportunity for further training.

The Újratervezési (“Redesign”) Program, announced as part of the Hungarian Government’s Economic Protection Action Plan, was completed by a total of 8,871 applicants. The free, online training targeted, among others, those who had lost their jobs due to the coronavirus epidemic and needed some basic knowledge to start a career in IT.

Nearly 62,000 people applied for the training, and nearly 50,000 started it. Following the final exam, a total of 8,871 people received certificates of completion. Those who successfully received certification gained up-to-date, practical knowledge in the areas of cloud-based work, secure internet access, the Windows operating system and network basics.

Now, these graduates can apply for free, multi-month, intensive IT training this autumn, including for jobs such as Java programmer, frontend developer, and tester; there will also be manufacturer-specific and other advanced-level training. The courses are designed to provide skills currently in demand in the labor market. Admission is based on a person’s result on the basic training exam and a supplementary competency measurement due in September.

The competency test examines skills that can largely predict whether the candidate will be able to meet the training and post-training professional challenges. Those with the highest scores can continue their education at one of the IT courses available in the program with 100 percent government support.

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