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Citadel Fortress to become Freedom Museum

The new development will feature a beautiful new public park for locals and tourists to enjoy.

By 2023, the Citadel Fortress and its surroundings will be completely reborn, as decided by the government. 

The museum, on the top of Gellért Hill, will commemorate the freedom fighters of Hungary and be surrounded by one of Budapest’s most beautiful parks. 

The Citadel Fortress, a World Heritage Site, currently has no function and is closed to visitors. It has been in need of major renovations for decades and will now undergo extensive work, both aesthetically and structurally. 

Although the fortress is one of the most popular viewpoints for tourists in Budapest, it has been run-down for ages with fragmented promenades, neglected green areas and trash everywhere. 

“By renewing the Citadel, we are repaying decades of debt. Our goal, after tidying up the building and the surroundings, is to return to the people this special fortress belonging to the skyline of Budapest.. […] We are creating a modern community space that is worthy of a World Heritage Site – tidy, lovable and suitable for visitors to see an exciting exhibition in civilized conditions and enjoy the unique panorama of Budapest,” said Gergely Fodor, the government commissioner responsible for the investment.

The first phase of developments will focus on building the fortress and landscaping, followed by the renovation of the inner courtyard and the reconstruction of the outer walls. 

In the second phase, a permanent exhibition will be set up presenting the freedom fights of the Hungarians. The design of the new 21st-century cultural institution to open near Liberty Statue will begin soon, in line with the government’s decision, and a panel of historians and experts will assist with preparatory work.

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