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Change in higher education model puts focus on students

Students will have access to competitive knowledge.

Balázs Hankó, Deputy State Secretary for Higher Education at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said that young people have many more opportunities ahead of them with the change of higher education model because students will be the main focus and can gain competitive knowledge.

Speaking to students graduating from the Lake District Secondary School and Art Secondary School, Hankó said that the transformation brings practice into education so students can acquire knowledge that prepares them for the future, not the present. 

In return for the significantly increased public funding, universities are expected to have far fewer students drop out, he said. Talent management, mobility and mentoring programs will be launched, and there will also be a strong focus on infrastructure development and research, he added.

The deputy state secretary pointed out that a student with a bachelor’s degree can earn 150% to 160% of the average wage on the labor market, and 220% after a master’s degree. The average time to find a job is only 1.27 months, he added.

Hankó also said that seven or eight out of 10 university students today are on public scholarships, which is a high proportion by international standards and will remain so in the new model. 

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