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Castle Garden Bazaar poster exhibit

The works of poster artist Géza Faragó presented the mysterious nightlife of 20th-century Budapest.

From March, those interested can take a free spring tour of the works at an open-air exhibition on the southern terrace of the Castle Garden Bazaar.

The posters provide an insight into one of the exciting periods of our past, said Krisztina Sikota, Deputy Director of Tourism and Culture of Várkapitányság Nonprofit Zrt. 

Géza Faragó studied in Paris with the famous poster designer and craftsman Alfons Mucha, where he learned the artistic tricks of poster making. After returning to Budapest, he started to create his own theatrical and commercial posters in 1903. These were featured in the exhibitions of the Art Gallery, the National Salon and the Ernst Museum.

Faragó was a well-known figure in the nightlife and café life in Pest. Although the famous nightclubs, theaters and cafés of the period are no longer around today, people can get a taste of this past atmosphere at the Várkert Bazaar exhibition.

The outdoor installation features 25 posters and can be seen until June 30. 

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