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Buildings of the year at Lake Balaton awarded

The Nők a Balatonért Egyesület (Women for Lake Balaton Association) and Balatoni Szövetség (Lake Balaton Association) have teamed up to raise awareness of top-quality architecture in the Balaton region.

With the support of the Deputy Secretary of State for Architecture and Construction of the Prime Minister’s Office, any building put into use after January 1, 2013, was eligible for online voting.

The jury of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects, the Association of Hungarian Architects and the chief architects of Somogy, Veszprém and Zala Counties made the following decisions:

  • The so-called “Trumpet House” in Dörgicse was awarded the title of “The most beautiful residential building in the resort region;”
  • Hableány Bisztró és Borbár (Hableány Bistro and Wine Bar) in Badacsonytomaj received the title of “The most spectacular business building for 2019;” and 
  • The Tihany Public Port was named “The best architectural public building of Balaton.”

The special prize of the Balatoni Szövetség (Lake Balaton Association) was taken home by the designer of the Mindszentkálla winery.

The highest recognition of the Association of Architects was received by the architect of the Balatonfüred City Swimming Pool, and that of the Veszprém Architectural Chamber was received by the architect of the Füred railway station and bus terminal.

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