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Budget doubled for Covidea tender

Announced in April 2020, applicants submitted solutions to the epidemic and its impact on healthcare and society.

Two categories were announced for the Covidea competition: one for ideas to be implemented and one for projects already ready to implement.  

Nearly 500 projects were submitted for the nearly HUF 60 million budget tender. Out of the 474 applications received, 70 projects and 15 ideas made it to the final round after being pre-screened for feasibility and social utility. The jury then awarded 29 projects and five ideas worth more than HUF 120 million. 

Organizers said there was tremendous interest in the Covidea tender and that they received many more submissions than expected. Thus, they have decided to double the available budget to support ideas and projects, announced Tamás Schanda, Deputy Minister at the Ministry for Innovation and Technology. 

Typical subject areas of the proposed ideas/projects included health and medicine, digital education and other technical sciences. The winning projects include an autonomous disinfection robot, a virus diagnostic tool, distance learning development, and an examination system for medical education with virtual patients.

The competition was announced with the political support of the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation.

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