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Budapest100 is coming in September

More houses and communities than ever before indicated that they would join the program to help tell the stories of the Hungarian capital.

Budapest100 started nine years ago, on April 9-10 2011, when three to four people organized the opening up of some residential and public buildings that are otherwise closed. Visitors were greeted by volunteers, and residents told their stories and led them around. It was a simple enough endeavor, but one that required much organization and research.

Over the years, 150,000 people have attended the program called “Budapest100,” with nearly 500 houses welcoming outsiders and the history of 1,361 buildings researched. The Guardian even selected it to be among its 10 most original cultural festivals in Europe.

London’s architecture-focused Open Houses Network is similar, but the Hungarian version is different. It was organized by civilians, with an emphasis on storytelling, local residents and communities.

The 10th Budapest100 is scheduled to take place September 19-20.

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