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Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden will be 154 years old

The institution is one of the most visited public cultural institutions in Hungary, with one million visitors a year.

The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden is the oldest zoo in Hungary and has the largest collection of animals and plants — 300 species of plants and 900 animals. It was the only such institution in the country from 1866 until the 1950s, when the first rural zoos were established.

Deputy Director General Roland Szabó has emphasized that continuous renewal is of the utmost importance to the zoo, while spokesman Zoltán Hanga pointed out that there have been numerous births at the zoo just this year, including a Sumatran orangutan.

The orangutan (Pongo abelii) is approximately 78 to 97 centimeters in length and weighs approximately 40 to 90 kilograms. The mammal feeds on durians, figs and insects and can live to be up to 50 years old. 

The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden again won the Superbrands Award this year, which was presented to the institution by János Serényi, the founder of the Hungarian edition of the recognition.

The zoo is continuously involved in nature conservation, education and scientific research, and, of course, offers close-to-nature leisure programs for its many visitors. The institution also aims to increase its activities in the arena of protecting and enriching Hungary’s cultural heritage.

The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden will celebrate its 154th anniversary on August 9, 2020.

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