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Budapest to host the 2024 Chess Olympics

Hungexpo will host the 46th Chess Olympics in September 2024, with an expected 3,500 participants.

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) announced on Sunday that Budapest can host the 2024 Chess Olympics — the fifth largest sporting event in the world — on the 100th anniversary of the founding of FIDE.

The tender documentation was discussed on Sunday and then voted on by the association. Out of the 111 delegates, 110 voted in favor of the Hungarian tender, and there was one abstention.

According to plans, this will be the first 5G Chess Olympics; the matches will be followed in real time. 

This is also the first time the Hungarian federation is hosting the event, and it is proudly promoting it as “a green Chess Olympics.” No paper or plastic will be used, and competitors will be able to use a bike to travel between the hotels and the competition venue.

One additional goal is to increase the number of women’s teams, as there have always been fewer women participating than men. As the host country, Hungary is allowed to launch more teams between women and men.

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