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Budapest to host South Korean architecture exhibition

An exhibition on the most significant Korean architectural projects of the past 30 years will be held at the Korean Cultural Center on November 11.

On the anniversary of the 30-year diplomatic relationship between Hungary and South Korea, “The Cosmopolitan Face of Contemporary Korean Architecture” exhibition presents thirty architectural projects from Korea over the past three decades.

The exhibition, jointly run by the Korean Cultural Center, Seoul Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Mokchon Kim Jung Sik Foundation, will take place at the Korean Cultural Center on November 11. 

The Budapest exhibition is the forerunner of the Asian Museum of Korean Architecture, opening in 2022 at the National Museum of Korean Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA). Each of the selected works tell a different but universal story of how architecture performs in a changing Korean society. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by a two-day series of events opening on November 9, jointly organized by the Center for Contemporary Architecture. At the event, leading architects from the two countries will present their latest architectural, interior design and urban rehabilitation offerings.

Further exhibits include a “book city” 30 kilometers from the Korean capital, with 130 publishing houses and 57 printing houses, the famous 17-story, column-free “Confucian” office building in Seoul’s business district, and projects on Gapado Island. 

Visitors can learn more about small architectural interventions that might help Korean leaders stop the continued migration of the island’s population and preserve the ecological balance there.

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