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Budapest Metropolitan University takes on sustainable fashion

The renewal of the university's portfolio was necessary due to market changes.

Budapest Metropolitan University is now training managers of sustainable fashion brands, after initiating its Fashion and Luxury Brand Management course five years ago.

Corporate social responsibility has taken on a key role in the luxury industry, and proper management of social projects takes specialized training. This autumn, the new three-semester Sustainable Fashion Brand Management training will include positive social practices as a key element of brand building in addition to quality and uniqueness.

Graduates of the course will be able to reform supply chains of the textile and fashion industries based on principles of sustainability.

“The special feature of the training is that the subjects of each field — economics, marketing, fashion industry, finance, management — have been divided into smaller, more focused units, and we have asked outstanding specialists to teach them. This makes the training structure unique in the market,” Mónika Szilágyi-Csüllög, the head of the department, said. 

Students will also benefit from a valuable network of contacts, as more than 20 fashion industry professionals will contribute their knowledge and experience during the training. 

The experts include Eszter Galamb, head of marketing for Gas, Marks & Spencer; Pálma Szabó, one of the best-known and most sought-after fashion event organizers in Hungary; Gábor Csillag, former digital media director of Nanushka; and Dr. Judit Anna Szatmári, fashion historian, museologist and manager of the Textile Collection at the Kiscelli Museum.

In their last semester, a mentoring program will help students work with representatives of renowned international fashion brands, Hungarian designers, international organizations and media companies as well.

Those interested can apply online for the new training via Budapest Metropolitan University’s website until September 10, 2020.

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